Selection Procedures

As a licensed recruiting agent, we are authorized by the Nepalese Government to recruit Nepalese citizens for foreign employment. If you have a requirement in your company and wish to recruit Nepalese citizens from Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., please feel free to contact us for full details at the email address

The step by step recruitment procedure is as follows:

Step 1 - Initial Inquiry

    ou may make an initial inquiry through email at, by fax +977 1 4464824 or by calling our office directly +977 1 4499486 or on our mobile +977 1 9850 84595. We can discuss your specific requirements, terms and conditions of service for workers, recruitment fees, recruitment and movement plans and all additional details.

Step 2 – Documents:

    Once the requirements are confirmed and the initial agreement is made between Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. and the employer regarding terms and conditions and the selection process. The Nepalese Government labor law requires the employing company to produce the following duly authenticated/ attested documents in favor of Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. to finalize the recruiting process:

Step 3 – Advertisement, Screening and short listing

    The Department of Labor will grant permission upon satisfaction of the credibility of the demand and attestation and terms and conditions offered are in conformity with the government regulations. The permission allows the recruiting agency to advertise the requirements in the local and national newspapers and start the recruitment process.

    The company maintains an up to date database of candidates with full information about his/her skills, qualifications and experience. Advertising allows others to compete for the post. Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. starts screening and short listing candidates before the final interview takes place. A final list of candidates and their documents are prepared for interview.

Step 4 – Final Interview

    The final interview for the short listed candidates after pre selection is conducted by the employing company representative or by Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd on their behalf. The selection is made purely on a merit basis without regard for race, religion, gender or personal relationships.

Step 5 – Medical

    Once the final selection is complete and the list is confirmed, the selected candidates are sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for a full medical examination, and vaccinations where required. The candidates who are medically and physically fit for employment then proceed in the recruitment process to contract signing, visa processing etc.

Step 6 – Orientation

    It is a mandatory requirement by Nepal labor law that all new hires traveling overseas for employment take an orientation class to familiarize themselves with local laws & orders, labor laws and immigration policy, environment and culture of the employing country along with the responsibilities, terms, conditions and benefits of employment prior to being submitted for final approval for mobilization.

Step 7 – Employment Visa

    Once selected candidates are medically and physically fit, the employer begins the employment visa process. The Visa system varies country to country. Where a paper visa system is available, the employer must make a copy of the issued visa available to Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. as soon as the visa is issued for government clearance for mobilization. Where visa has to be endorsed onto a passport, the employing company has to provide all necessary documents to assist the visa endorsement from the embassy of the employing country.

Step 8 – Government Clearance and travel Arrangement

    Once a paper visa is received or the visa is endorsed from the embassy of the employing country, Employer may proceed with transportation arrangements, or Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. will make the necessary travel arrangements. Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. will complete the necessary clearances from the Nepalese Government, pays all fees, taxes and insurance etc… as per the labor laws of Nepal.

Step – 9 Mobilization

    In the case of the paper visa, the employer has to arrange the approval to board with the airline office by providing a visa copy and make the original paper visa available in the airport on arrival of new hires. Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. will assist new hires in the Nepal Airport and immigration for smooth departure and will inform the employer about new hire arrival through via fax, email or telephone.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Himalayan Connection Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.