How to Apply

For the Pre-Interview, potential candidates are requested to bring following documents:
    Photocopies of your passport with minimum validity of six months
    Educational and work certificates
    Recent Photographs (different size and background color required for the following countries)

United Arab Emirates:

    Color Photo, Size 4.3 * 5.5cm, 12 pieces, with white background


    Color Photo, Passport Size, 8 pieces with any background

Saudi Arabia:

    for Dhaka Stamping :- Color Photo, Size 2 * 2 cm, 4 pieces, same as Passport; for Delhi or Mumbai Stamping :- Color Photo, Size 4 * 6 cm, 6 pieces, with white background


    Color Photo, Passport Size, 24 pieces, with Blue background


    Colour Photo, Passport Size, 16 pieces, with White background


    Color Photo, Passport Size, 16 pieces


    Color Photo, Passport Size, 16 pieces

People aspiring to work abroad are suggested to check our website for job openings, or visit our office or contact us by telephone or email as well. The dedicated and friendly staff of Himalayan Connection will always be ready to provide you overall information.