Code of Conduct

Himalayan Connection and its partners are committed to abiding by a strict code of conduct. We will:

    Conduct our business with honesty and integrity.
    Comply with all applicable health and safety standards.
    Commit to performing services only in our areas of competence.
    Never commit any act of corruption.
    Abide by international human trafficking law.
    Only work with legitimate governments, lawful organizations, NGOs and private companies that conduct business with integrity.
    Refuse to work with employers who oppose international efforts towards peace and reconstruction.
    Respect the dignity of all human beings and follow relevant international laws and protocols to protect human rights.
    Take every practical measure to minimize loss of life and destruction of property.
    Work without prejudice or bias to nationality, sex, religion and culture.
    Conduct reconstructive and peaceful operations to the extent possible, subject to contractual and legal limitations.